Thursday, May 21, 2009


Oh, sorry. That was just the sound of me drooling all over myself. I just got my latest email update from Cath Kidston, and I am wanting it all! When I saw this stuff, I felt like my girlhood fantasies of flitting around in English Gardens had just come true!
Feast:Rose Print Garden Tee pee

Strawberry Picnic Basket

Rose Print Kite

My Wellies

Jack's Wellies

Floral Print Parasol

Tin Canisters
(I've already submitted these as my preferable (aka better get 'em or I'm gonna cry)
birthday gifts this year.)

And I also am wanting this book:

I had my hands on it once, almost bought it, didn't, and now cannot find it again in the bookstore. It's choc full of creative ideas on decorating with fabrics. I need this, please.

...Not to mention, if someone could please tell me the secret to getting a husband to realize that floral prints ARE masculine, I'm all ears. Seriously.



down and out chic said...

oh wow, this is new to me and i adore the wellies and that adorable picnic basket. i'm off to check out the site!

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Those little wellies are so cute!

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