Wednesday, February 25, 2009

An Inspired Wednesday

Oh! Hello, there. Today I've come across so many awesome new blogs! Here are some of my new favorites and also just some stuff I think is really neato.

Poppytalk would be at the top of the list for really beautiful blogs to check out. So inspiring and fabulous. It's choc-full of do-it-yourself projects, tutorials, free printable posters and all kinds of design lovliness! Here's some stuff I likes:

Free printable labels.
See all of them here.

And I absolutely LOVE this poster, and wish I had it super-huge sized for my kitchen:

Thanks for inspiring me Poppytalk!

Another cool place I cyber-visited today was Mixed Plate. There is FAR too much coolness going on here. It's a blog about all things indie-craftsy-artsy-etsy-lovely-fresh-new and fabulous! Go there now!

And finally, I just happened to run across these beautiful photographs by Matthew Tischler. These are from his "Screen Series" and I love them. Mysterious, melancholy, and right up my alley.

Matthew Tischler

These remind me of a shot I took a while back on one of Jack's and
Mama's rainy-day adventures.

Anyway, hope you enjoy perusing these lovely things... Happy Wednesday!

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