Saturday, December 6, 2008

Out of the woods.

I seriously need to recharge and recenter!
The last week I've spent holed up in this house with sickness has me itching to GET OUT!!! Andy is still very sick, and is shuffling around the house hacking like a dying moose. We took Jack to the pede yesterday, and I'm so glad! He did have an ear infection, and so now he's on antibiotics. I think we caught it early enough that he's going to be out of the woods soon. He already seems to be back to normal. We've literally spent the last 48 hours cuddling, watching winnie-the-pooh, and remaining in a constant state of drug-induced doze.

...But as I said, Mama's ready for a time-out!

I had plans to go pick out a tree today, and finish up on the decor... but since The Man is out of commission, I've enlisted the help of my sister. We're heading out in a few to pick it up.

As I said in a recent post, I always want to go all out and do a really awesome job with the christmas decor. This ill-timed sickness has set me back. I've managed to get a lot done, despite that... but I have plans for more. I decided that I would put up two trees this year: a family, keepsake-ornamented, fun, Jack tree in the "play room" (AKA den), and an artsy, themed, grown-up, tree for me in the dining room. Jack's tree's been up for a week, now it's time for mine. Yay.

Hopefully I'll have some good pictures to show by next time! Till then, lovies.

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