Saturday, December 20, 2008

Life lessons...

I know this time of year, more than anything, is not the time for making fun of people. ...We should all be full of Christmas spirit, love, acceptance and overall jolliness. ...But I have to keep it real for just a minute. I just had an eye-opening experience that warrants a blog... and you'll all just have to give me the benefit of the doubt that I am actually a good person. (I'll even try and re-route what I'm about to tell you into some kind of good-natured Christmas lesson...)

...So, I was about to check out at my regular grocery store today, and as I was starting to place my items on the conveyor, I glanced at the cashier. Only long enough to take in the basics... You know what I mean?...Just getting an overall image of someone...
Female, older, red-hair, smiling, slightly-trashy(-sorry).
I finished emptying my cart, and walked up to pay. The cashier had started talking to the bag boy. She was complaining that her back hurt so bad, and that she swears she feels like she's 90 years old... She just couldn't believe that she was actually only 30.


At this point I took a closer look at her. I swear, if I had not heard her say her age, I would have pegged her at about 55.

The bag boy said, "When's your birthday?"
"July {something}...", she replied, "I was born in 78. GOD, I'm so old!... I just feel like I'm falling apart."

At this point I was literally gaping at her, and trying to see a thirty-year-old. It was very hard. She had the wrinkled, leathery skin that comes with way too much sun, and the harsh voice from too many cigarettes. Her hair was dyed beyond an inch of it's life, and now had a hay-like quality to it. But behind all that, I could see that she was, in fact, a young person. She had started talking to me then, and asking if I was ready for Christmas, and whatnot... just small talking, and I was answering in like kindness. At one point, I even wanted to interject that I also was almost 30... and then, I just couldn't bring myself to do it. It seemed taboo to me, like if I said it, it would only draw attention to the vast differences between us.

I left feeling a strange sadness. ...and a strange thankfulness. Life is lived so much harder by some people. It takes such a toll. I've seen that same look on many people, and it always just makes me sad. There's no telling what they've gone through to have left them looking so much worse for the wear. I've had such a blessed life, and I am so thankful. It only makes me want to show more kindness, and more love to those less fortunate than me. ...and maybe by doing so take some of the weight from their shoulders.

...Lesson learned.


Jennifer Sewell said...

.... can you say m e-t-h-a-m-p-h-e-t-a-m-i-n-e?

...sorry, just kidding...

... thanks for making me laugh out loud again...

Anonymous said...

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