Monday, December 1, 2008

It's monday...again.

We had such a lovely Thanksgiving! Time with family has always been something I look forward to, as opposed to dread...(like some peeps do.) I'm so blessed to have an awesome family, full of characters! It's always great to be with them. So after a long four days of eating, driving here, there and back again, eating, visiting, partying, and eating and eating..... well, you can imagine that we've all been a little pooped. I've had an annoying head cold that seems to be on it's way out. Whilst my poor Mister and Little Jack are coming down with something as we speak. Andy came home at 5 and promptly went to bed... boo. (I do feel a little bad now about making him put up Christmas lights last night at 6pm in the drizzle... um...)

But anyway, I'm praying that theirs doesn't get any worse. And as for me, I will be staying close and cozy in the cottage for the next few days. Tonight I have an exciting evening planned which consists of a bowl of chicken noodle, Behind The Actors Studio at 8(tonight it's Daniel Radcliffe talking about his nudie-play...), and last but not least, the coup de grace...
Hills at 10.

Happy Monday!

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