Sunday, November 16, 2008


I went. I saw.
I didn't want to leave.

Indeed, I'm talking about the lovely time I had yesterday at the indie craft experience
or i.c.e.
(which for all intents and purposes could also stand for
I. Covet. Everything.)

It truly was an awesome thing. Located in an industrial loft turned photography studio... It was not your average craft show. There was a DJ playing awesome music above all the madness happening on the floor. (The small space was completely mobbed with people.) And vendors selling beer, spiked eggnog, hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps,homemade granola, cookies... and tons of other yummies.
But I wasn't there for the food.
The homemade glories abounded, and I took my time at every single booth (like, three or four times, i think.)

However, like most of you, I'm totally broke at the moment, and so I mostly just looked (and coveted). But I did get a few little trinkets. I bought a set of three hand painted pins from
Christy Wooke.

... And i just had to get a little something from
blue eyed freckle as well.
A little feathery hair clip... so sweet.

Of course, I was way too busy gawking at everything to remember to take any pictures... even though I brought my camera for that express purpose. But if you desire to see more, I suggest you head over to the lovely Lesley's blog Homemade Grits. She executed her blogging duties, and posted in great detail about the day!

Have a happy week, lovies!

Pssst... (Thanks for being my partner in crime yesterday CoCo. I had a great time with you!!!)

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